Comparison of Honda ATVs

Over the years the brand name Honda has become synonymous with quality, performance and fun.

Did you know that Honda originally raced cars? But a horrible crash lead to a change in direction for the company and eventually they turned to manufacturing motorcycles, becoming one of the first importers of motorcycles into North America.

Honda has also been a leader in the world of ATVs and has been racing for a long time now. They are actually the original manufacturer of the 3 wheel trike, giving them a leading edge in the ATV field as well as a lot of love in the Indy Car world.

honda racing logo

Honda has been seemingly in a continuous evolution over the years, making your fun (and your work too!) their obsession. From their first commercial tri-wheel model, the late 60’s ATC90, through their whole line of Sport, Recreational and Utility vehicles, at Rock Trix we love them all but we’re really keen on the Rubicon in particular!

New version(s) of the Rubicon 4×4 Automatic have Electric Power Steering as a standard feature, check it out, you’re gonna love it! The electric power steering is going to have you hooked from the very start.

The Rubicon 500 is the base model. With its low center of gravity and sideways mounted OHV engine, it works in harmony to give the rider a new level of control and confidence, weather it be on the job or out riding for fun.

The deluxe model Rubicon 500 DCT has all the same features as the base model but an added bonus of light weight aluminum wheels giving that you that added power with less weight on your ATV. Get a load of that hot looking black paint job with red shock springs and suspension arms. Sexy as all get-out!

At RockTrix we’re into ATVs as much as you are. Send us a photo of you and your ATV, and check out our whole catalog of ATV parts and accessories for Hondas and much more!