RockTrix 2pc 2″ Thick – Skid Steer 8Lug Wheel Spacers Adapters – 8×8 Bolt Pattern – 9/16″ Studs/Nuts – for Bobcat Case CAT John Deere New Holland


Detailed Specifications
Thickness: 2.0″ (50mm)
Outer Diameter: 10 inches
Centerbore (Hub Diameter): 6 inches
Bolt Pattern (PCD): 8×8
Tire Size: 10×16.5 & 12×16.5
Threads of Studs & Lug Nuts: 9/16″ / 9/16″x18

Compatibility Information
It is IMPORTANT / REQUIRED that you verify fitment before purchasing this item. Please use the specifications above and compare to your Skid Steer specs.

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  • Wheel Spacers / Adapters for Skid Steers – To allow you to install tire chains & over the tire tracks
  • 2″ Thickness (Each) | 8×8 Bolt Pattern
  • 10″ Outer Diameter | 6″ Centerbore
  • Stud / Nut Thread Size: 9/16″x18
  • Tire Size: 10×16.5 & 12×16.5

Warning: Professional installation is highly recommended. Misapplication and/or improper installation of wheel spacer/adapter combinations may cause lug nuts/bolts to break or loosen while driving, potentially causing accident and/or injury. Use on any vehicle or wheel sizes or types not recommended or specified is at the users sole risk. Ensure your wheel studs and the nuts securing the spacer to the vehicle does not make contact with the back of the wheel. Do not use impact wrenches/tools. Torque lug nuts / bolts to manufacturer specifications using a torque wrench. Users must check and retorque all lug nuts / bolts after 25-50 miles of driving. No returns or exchange once installed.

Part Number: 50mm-8×8-9/16-BK
Manufacturer: Precision European Motorwerks
Quantity Included: 2

Additional information

Weight 43 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in